Written Inquiry

If you are interested in editing and translating a volume in the Syriac Treasures series, please send a short letter of inquiry to Armando Elkhoury at elkhoury@thehiddenpearl.press

Your letter of inquiry should be brief (200 words or less in total) and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the title and unifying concept of your volume? (For example, is the volume a text or series of texts by a single author? Is the volume a collection of texts by multiple authors on a common theme?)
  2. How will this volume be of interest to a broad, non-academic audience?
  3. What text(s) will be included in your edition and translation?
  4. Are there previous editions or translations? Does the Syriac text already exist in a digital edition? (Please provide full citations.)
  5. What is the status of your work? (Have you already begun preparing the edition or translation?)
  6. How have your own interests and expertise prepared you to undertake this volume?

The editorial board meets periodically to consider letters of inquiry and a board member will notify you of a decision. If the volume is a fit for the Syriac Treasures series, the editorial board will invite you to submit a formal proposal and provide instructions on how to proceed.