Recipients of the Père Paul Scholarship


Giorgia Nicosia

Ph.D. Candidate
History and Religious Sciences
Ghent Univerity (Belgium)

Awarded $5,000

Dissertation: This Story may provide Proof. History and Authority in Syriac Miaphysite Excerpt Collections

Ms. Nicosia’s research has focused on understudied topics, such as Syriac historiographical florilegia and prophecies about Christ attributed to pagan philosophers. Her dissertation focuses on Syriac historiographical excerpt collections composed between the 6th and the 10th century in Miaphysite milieus.

Andrew Tucker

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Theological Studies
St Louis University (USA)

Awarded $5,000

Dissertation: Isaac of Antioch’s Memre on Faith

Mr. Tucker studies late antique Syriac Christianity and, in particular, how ancient Christians used poetry to communicate their ideas. Mr. Tucker’s dissertation focuses on a set of untranslated metrical homilies On Faith attributed to Isaac of Antioch. The aim of his dissertation is to explore how Isaac used the poetic form of the metrical homily as a vehicle for communicating his theological ideas.