Lives of Syriac Saints


Lives of Syriac Saints is the second volume of Syriac Treasures includes vocalized Syriac texts, introductions, and English translations of works by: (1) Jacob of Serugh, on Saint Simeon the Stylite; (2) Jacob of Serugh, on Zokhe; (3) Jacob of Serugh, on The Blessed Julian Saba; (4) Jacob of Serugh, on Shmuno and Guryo; (5) Marinus and Anatolus, Acts of Sharbel the Martyr.

Translations by Sebastian P. Brock, Jeanne-Nicolle Mellon Saint-Laurent, and Armando Elkhoury

Front Matter: xi pages

Text: 254 pages

ISBN: 978-1-7379535-2-4

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